A Family Journey

Gallery – 01

Carleigh, Alisa and TenorApril, 2011

Awesome lunch at Ella’s house. Watching the grandchildren have a ball was such a joy. Had dinner up John and Kathy’s. Tenor is walking real good now.

Walk with ZevanMarch, 2011

We had a pretty rough winter. Zevan and I went for a walk down a trail along the Quinnipiac river when the weather finally broke.


Ella & CarleighThe Kids & Us

This is a collection of pics of all the kids and grandkids that is a sticky post on the home page.


Theresa & ITheresa & I

Photos of Theresa and I taken over the years.

Singing happy birthday to ZevanZevan’s 3rd Birthday Party

Photos of Zevan’s 3rd birthday party.


Family lunch at Olive GardenLunch at Olive Garden

Family lunch in February of 2011 at the Olive Garden restaurant.


Zevan & CarleighChristmas 2010 at Ella’s house

A special time of year to share special memories. My best was watching Zevan and Carleigh sing “Happy Birthday to Jesus” before blowing out the Christmas candles.


tenor-coat and hatDecember 2010

Kathy had an event at her museum. Carleigh was in a wedding & Zevan had some fun at McDonalds playground.

Bri, Carleigh and AlisaNovember 2010

Stole some good shots from Ella’s facebook. Zevan and Tenor in the laundry basket is one of my favorite photos


Zevan & I on the busOctober 2010

The Apple Harvest Festival in Southington and Kathy’s birthday were the two big events this month.


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