A Family Journey

Gallery – 05

December, 2011

Zeven went to the theater for the 1st time and saw a movie in 3D. Visited with Parker and his mom.


Christmas at Ella’s House,  2011

We all had an outstanding Christmas dinner and it’s always a joy to watch the kids get all excited opening their gifts.


Dinner at Ella’s, January – 2012

Our first attempt at getting together on a regular basis. Great dinner…as usual:)

February, 2012

Theresa and I had a busy weekend with the boys. We went to the park playground, McDonalds playground and Meriden Mall. The train ride at the mall was the most excited we ever saw Tenor get!


Kids City, Middletown CT – February, 2012

We took Zevan and Tenor to Kid City in Middletown. It’s a great place to spend an afternoon with kids. Zevan took a little while to warm up to it, but once he did, there was no stopping him.


Zevan’s 4th Birthday & Dinner at John and Kathy’s house.

Awesome dinner and birthday party for Zevan at John & Kathy’s house.


March, 2012

I celebrated my birthday with all the family at Ella’s house but had two cakes as well this month.
John’s boys celebrated their friend Marcus’ birthday at the YMCA.


We spent a rainy Ssaturday afternoon at the Jump Zone in Waterbury. Zevan and Tenor had a ball!


Easter, 2012

Fabulous Easter dinner at Ella’s house. It was a beautiful day for an Easter egg hunt.


April, 2012

Spent the afternoon with Zevan and Tenor at Hubbard Park. It was a beautiful day and the park was so crowded that even the ducks didn’t want to be bothered.


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