A Family Journey

Gallery – 06

Mother’s Day, 2012

We all had a great brunch up John & Kathy’s house.

June, 2012

We had brunch at Ella’s house and celebrated Father’s Day & Theresa’s Birthday.

Summer, 2012

Sometimes I have to take photos with my phone.

July & August, 2012

John’s 40th Birthday


Parker’s 3rd Birthday


October, 2012

We shared a wonderful brunch at Ella’s house and heard exciting news about how the Lord is at work in our girls lives.

Haunted Graveyard, 2012

Lake Compounce puts on a great show for their Haunted Graveyard. Walking quickly, it took us a good 45min to walk through the whole thing. They had some amazing effects.


November, 2012

Sailed paper boats down the river, Zevan and I went to church and we had dinner at Ella’s house.



December, 2012

The ladies got together at Kathy’s house and worked all day to make over 400 pierogi’s.



Christmas, 2012

An awesome family gathering. We celebrated Christ’s berth with a Jesus Birthday Cake – The symbolism of all the ingredients is explained in a comment to the photo.



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